Solusi Tunas Pratama Tbk

Company Overview

PT  Solusi  Tunas  Pratama  is  an  independent  tower  provider  that  started  its  commercial operations  in  2008.  In  2009,  the  company  acquaired  a  543  tower  portfolio  from  PT  Bakrie Telecom  Tbk.  Besides  tower  portfolio  mostly  located  in  urban  areas,  in  early  2012,  the company successfully acquired 99.9 percent investment in shares of PT Platinum Teknologi that owns approximately 400 km fiber optic network in Jakarta. As of December 31 2011, it owns 1,309 towers sites with 2,114 tenants. Some 874 of the telecommunication towers or 67 percent  of  its  telecommunication  towers  are  located  in  the  Greater  Jakarta  area. It  has  a subsidiary;  PT  Sarana  Inti  Persada. By  the  end  of  2012,  the  company  employed arround 251 people.

Corporate Action
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