Skybee Tbk

Company Overview

PT SkyBee Tbk. is a trading company. It is mainly engaged in the distribution of cellular phone  under  the "SkyBee"  brand  name.  It  provides  hardware  and supporting  devices, and  sells  value  added  telecommunication  services  such  as  contents  and  applications. Founded as PT Kreatip Komunikacitra, it was engaged in commercial business in 2008. The company began to distribute Indosat's products. In 2009 it changed its name into PT SkyBee.  It  has  four  main  subsidiaries,  namely  PT  Sinergitama  Komindo,  PT  inTouch Innovate Indonesia, and PT Numedia Global, and PT Kaswall Dinamika Indonesia. By the end of 2012, the company employed no less than 148 people.

Corporate Action
  • No Corporate Action