Sierad Produce Tbk

Company Overview

PT Sierad Produce Tbk is an agribusiness company. It was founded through the amalgamation of four companies: PT Anwar Sierad Tbk, PT Sierad Produce Tbk, PT Sierad Fedmill and PT Sierad Grains. Established as PT Betar Darma Ekspor Impor, it has emerged as one of the leading agribusiness companies in Indonesia. PT Sierad Produce Tbk has five subsidiaries: PT Dwipa Mina Nusantara, PT Sierad Corporation, PT Transpasifik Niagareksa, PT Sierad Industries, and PT Sierad Pangan Nusantara. The company operates production facilities in Bogor, Sukabumi, Tangerang, Lampung, Magelang, and Sidoarjo. By the end of 2012, the company and its subsidiaries employed around 2,300 people.

Corporate Action
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