Steady Safe Tbk

Company Overview

PT Steady Safe Tbk (formerly known as PT Tanda Widjaja Sakti) is a transportation company and  presently  operates  several  pools  and  workshops  in  the  greater  Jakarta  area  for  the logistical and technical support requirements of its taxis and bus fleet. The company has 12 subsidiaries,  including  PT  Buana  Metropolitan Taksi,  PT  Citra  Pancakabraja  Taksi,  PT Wahana Artha Sentosa, PT Fajar Utama Semesta, PT Has Muda Internusa, PT Luhursatria Dwiraya, PT Mastrans Swadarma, PT Sembada Permai Sejati, PT Sonnypong Yatim, Steady Safe Finance BV, PT Volgren Indonesia, and PT Infiniti Indomarga. Currently, the company gets  involved  in  the  Busway  transportation  system  in  Jakarta.  As  of September 2012,  the company employed no less than 70 people.

Corporate Action
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