Indo Straits Tbk

Company Overview

PT Indo Straits Tbk (“PTIS”) is one of the most recognized marine engineering companies in Indonesia  servicing  customers  predominantly  in  the  oil  &  gas  and  coal  mining  industries. Overall  the  company  have  successfully  finished  more  than  100  marine  civil  projects  and supporting  coal  logistics  projects  since  1984.  At  the  beginning,  the  company  operated  two sets of tugs and barges and has been continuing to expand a fleet of over 43 units of floating equipment of various sizes and a floating crane. It subsidiary PT Pelayaran Straits Perdana is engaged  in  the  domestic  shipping  business.  By  the  end  of  2012,  the  company  employed around 292 people.

Corporate Action
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