Mayora Indah Tbk

Company Overview



PT Mayora Indah Tbk is a food manufacturer focusing on integrated consumer goods such as biscuits, candies, wafers, and coffee processing and chocolate. The brands of the company include Roma, Danisa, Kopiko, Energen, Beng Beng, Choki Choki, Plonk, Astor, Better, Tamarin, and Torabika. Recently, the company has expanded to vitamin drink business by marketing Vitazone. As most of its raw materials are obtained in local market, domestic uncertainties and the fluctuation of the rupiah exchange rates surely pose big challenges for the company's production cost. It owns some subsidiaries such as PT Torabika Eka Semesta, PT Sinar Pangan Barat, PT Sinar Pangan Timur, and Mayora Nederland BV. Its products are available throughout Indonesia and some other countries such as Malaysia, Thailand, the Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Africa, the U.S. and Italy. By the third quarter of 2013, the company employed more than 5,363 people.

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