Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama Tbk

Company Overview

PT  Jaya  Konstruksi  Manggala  Pratama  Tbk  is  a  construction company.  Owned  by  the  DKI Jakarta  Government  before  the  IPO,  it  has completed  thousands  major  and  small  projects. The  company  has  developed  infrastructures,  office  buildings,  hotels  and  shopping  centers, apartments  and  housing,  golf courses  and  landscaping,  airports,  industry  factories,  public facilities,  roads  and  flyovers,  irrigation  systems  and  commercial  skyscrapers.  Its  direct subsidiaries  are  PT  Jaya  Daido  Concrete,  PT  Jaya  Beton  Indonesia,  PT  Jaya  Trade Indonesia, PT Jaya Konstruksi Pratama, and PT Jaya Teknik Indonesia. The company also has 11 indirect subsidiaries. By the third end of 2012, the company employed almost 1,302 people.

Corporate Action
  • No Corporate Action