Indo Tambangraya Megah Tbk

Sector: Mining
Industry: Coal Mining
Company Overview

PT  Indo  Tambangraya  Megah  Tbk  is  a  coal  mining  company.  Being  engaged  in  the  coal processing and logistics, and marketing services as well, the company is supported  by five subsidiaries:  PT  Trubaindo  Coal  Mining,  PT  Kitadin,  PT  Jorong  Barutama  Greston,  PT Indominco  Mandiri  and  PT  Bharinto  Ekatama.  All  of  the  subsidiaries  are  located  in  East Kalimantan, except Jorong which is situated in South Kalimantan. Over 90 percent of mining operations are undertaken by contractors while PT Kitadin-Tandung Mayang (PT Indominco‘s contractor)  conducts  the  remaining  10  percent.  PT  Indo  Tambangraya  Megah  Tbk  is  a subsidiary  of  Thailand-based  Banpu  PCL.  As  of  December  2012,  the  company  employed more than 3,300 people.

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