Vale Indonesia Tbk

Sector: Mining
Company Overview

PT Vale Indonesia Tbk (formerly PT International Nickel Indonesia Tbk) is a mining company and  nickel  producer.  The  company  was  officially  allowed  to  change  its  name  in  September 2011 after the change of majority ownership of the company.  INCO operates an integrated nickel  mine  and  smelter  pursuant  to  a  Contract  of Work  with  the  Government  of  Indonesia signed  in  1968  originally  for  30  years  and  extended  from  1996  to  2025.  The  company  is supported by a production facility in Soroako, Sulawesi, where it has secured a contract until 2025. By the end of 2012, the company employed around 3161 people.

Corporate Action
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