Indo Setu Bara Resources Tbk

Sector: Agriculture
Industry: Animal Husbandry
Company Overview

PT Indo Setu Bara Resources Tbk (formerly PT Cipendawa Agroindustri Tbk), which changed its  name  in  June 2011,  is  engaged  in  farming,  breeding  and  slaughterhouse  of  chickens. Starting commercial operation in 1971, the company operates a farm division in Cipanas, and Citeureup. The company is a subsidiary of Indo Setubara Limited. Its subsidiaries include PT Pratama  Sumber  Bumibara,  which  focuses  on  coal  mining  industry  and  PT  Sentra  Alam Resources, which is engaged in investment. As of mid 2012, the company employed less than 10 people.

Corporate Action
  • No Corporate Action