Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk

Sector: Mining
Company Overview

PT Cita Mineral Investindo Tbk (formerly PT Cipta Penelutama Tbk) is a trading company. It is engaged  in  several  sectors,  such  as  transportation,  agribusiness,  general  trading,  mining, industrial  development  and  services.  Its  subsidiary  PT  Harita  Prima  Abadi  Mineral  is concentrating on bauxite mining with a project in Ketapang, West Kalimantan. The subsidiary has  four  mining  concessions:  Blok Pering  Kunyit/Air  Kupas,  Simpang  Dua,  Sandai,  and Simpang  Hulu,  on  224,475  hectares  of  land  in  Kalimantan. Other  subsidiary  is  PT  Karya Utama Tambangjaya. As of December 2012, the company employed no less than 447 people.

Corporate Action
  • No Corporate Action