BW Plantation Tbk

Sector: Agriculture
Industry: Plantation
Company Overview

PT BW Plantation Tbk is an operator of oil palm plantation and producer of crude palm oil and palm  kernel.  Its  total  production  capacity  reaches  105  tons  per  hour,  with  seven  oil  palm plantations on no less than 94,700 hectares of land in Kalimantan. The company has some subsidiaries,  including  PT  Adhyaksa  Dharmasatya,  PT Wana  Catur  Jaya  Utama,  PT  Satria Manunggal  Sejahtera,  PT  Sawit  Sukses  Sejahtera,  PT  Bumilanggeng  Perdanatrada,  PT  Bumihutani Lestari, and PT Agrolestari Kencana Makmur. As of the last quarter of 2012, the  company employed no less than 460 people.

Corporate Action
  • No Corporate Action
Financial Statement
  • Financial report second quarter in 2012